About Savannah

Since its founding in 1733, the City of Savannah has been one of America's favorite destinations for business and pleasure. Today, the City attracts nearly seven million visitors every year.

Located in the heart of Coastal Georgia's Low Country, Savannah is a city of rare natural beauty—of azaleas in bloom and stately oaks draped with Spanish moss. These landscapes have been lovingly enhanced by two centuries of manmade splendor, from distinctive park-like squares and cobblestone streets to the magnificent architecture of storied antebellum homes and churches.

The city's dramatic architecture mingles with fashionable downtown boutiques, microbreweries, and art galleries. Delightful cuisine, unique attractions, and vibrant nightlife add another dimension to this charming southern city. Such is the beauty of Savannah that General Sherman spared the city the torch during his “March to the Sea” and, instead, he presented it as a Christmas gift to an enthusiastic President Abraham Lincoln.